About us


In the suburbs of Dallas Texas a candle Connoisseur, Raven Love, is not just a Fiancee or a mother. She is the Founder and CEO of her classic and timeless candle company, Black Soy candles. Before walking into the position of being her own boss; she was in a office, at a desk, and doing title work all at the same time. Sounds exciting right? Now don't get me wrong she has nothing against the people of the world who work a 9-5. She applauds them. Although she kept a candle, or two burning at her desk everyday the office just wasn't a place where she felt happy, and ultimately It filled her with anxiety. 


 2020 was the birth year of Black Soy candles. Black Soy prides that each Candle is made with Organic Soy Wax thats is not only one of the healthiest waxes to breathe in; but also has a slow burn. We take our time Hand- pouring all of our candles, filling each one with love to provide scents with sophistication and elegance.  We, at Black Soy want candles lovers to feel the energy of the aroma that fills the air of their home, work, and/or gift bag that our candles have the honor to be placed in.