Goddess of Luxury(13oz) -Limited Edition

Goddess of Luxury(13oz) -Limited Edition

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This candle is the perfect piece of luxury to add to any space, it was made for the Goddess in you.  Uplift, wind down or simply add an air of opulence with the Goddess of Luxury. This limited edition beauty provides a succulent, fresh, long-lingering scent with notes of Champagne, Hemp, and Cream dressed in a blush frosted glass vessel.  Enjoy a vibrant mix of soft, sweet and fresh notes with this rich candle.   Includes lid.

Burn Time: 73 hour 


  • Top -Dewy, Floral, Champagne
  • Middle - Hemp, Ozonic, Jasmine
  • Bottom-  Dark Musk, Cedar, Cream, Sugar


    Candle Tips:

    Allow the wax to melt and cool right to the candle’s edges the first time you light it. Ensure your candle stays pristine by snipping the wick to 6mm before each burn


    Wax: We only use premium Soy Wax. This provides a much cleaner burn than other waxes such as Paraffin wax. Soy wax also provides a longer burn.